About Alyssa


I’m Alyssa.

I’m a writer based in Albany, NY, with over 20 years of experience working in the arenas of higher education, nonprofits, and writing for businesses and consumer magazines. I’ve also been a mentor, tutor, teacher and editor. The one thing that all my work has in common (except for some stints working in food service) is a commitment to clear, engaging, informed written content. 

I offer this wealth of experience and insight to help you accomplish your goals. Some of the types of projects my expertise is best suited for include:

  •  Writing for education, whether it’s for English language arts, composition, literature, career development, social sciences, writing for the academic sphere, and more.  I have a wealth of expertise in delivering content aligned with a specified set of objectives and am well-versed in all the major academic styles (Chicago, APA, MLA).
  • Writing e-learning courses and handbooks for the training, human resources and career development fields. 
  • Copywriting to help promote businesses and establish thought leaders, especially in education, educational technology and healthcare.
  • I’ve written and edited a number of book-length manuscripts and can help with either ghostwriting or editing longer projects.
  • I also have expertise in social media management, press releases and other publicity materials, grants applications, fundraising letters, radio and TV commercial scripts and more.
Alyssa on bike in Lake Tahoe
Just completed an 8-mile climb in Lake Tahoe

In addition to the areas of education and professional development, I’m passionately interested in living a healthy lifestyle and writing about health, nutrition, and fitness using the latest research. A regular exerciser since the age of 15, I cycle, run, and lift weights. As a Team in Training cyclist for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I completed the 72-mile bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe in 2017 while raising over $2,000 for a great cause. I’m looking forward to my next challenges – completing a century ride and an IronGirl triathlon! 

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To contact me: abc@alyssabcolton.com or call me at 518.888.1350 (EST).