ABC Services also offers editing!

If you write or work with writers, you need an editor.

Check out what current and former clients say about working with me:

Readers and potential clients are quickly turned off by errors, poor grammar, and confusing syntax.  

Do you have a manuscript that needs help?  Or a project by multiple authors that needs more coherence and consistency? Whether you’re a scholar with a dissertation or article or an entrepreneur, thought leader, or aspiring author with a draft manuscript, I can help!

  • I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, from middle schoolers to retirees, on all kinds of projects as well as for publishing companies and communications firms. I’ve worked with English learners as well.
  • I’m familiar with all the major style guides, including AP, APA, Chicago, CME, and MLA.
  • I can help you turn complex ideas into accessible prose by helping you with development, structure, sentences, word choice, and more.
  • I can also do copyediting, the close editing that should be done when your manuscript is finished. If you’re thinking of self-publishing or you’re preparing a report for a client, hiring a copyeditor is an absolute must to ensure your book or report is free of errors. Don’t let careless errors get in the way of your message!

Have some ideas but don’t have the time to write? Let me take your ideas and put them into polished prose! I also offer writing services. 

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